Welcome to the EOS Reallocation Program for 2020

You are participating in the final EOS Reallocation Program.
On this event, select EOS holders are eligible to claim a share of the last 100 million EOS tokens released by Block.One on the network, based on their user history, participation in genesis and general activity.
In order to check eligibility and claim your allocated EOS tokens, please connect using your preferred wallet:

Scatter Desktop

Token Pocket mobile

You will be redirected to the tokenPocket wallet.

check eligibility using token pocket app

imToken mobile

You will be redirected to the imToken wallet.

check eligibility using imtoken app

Wombat mobile

Open Wombat wallet and follow these steps to check and claim EOS tokens.

Lynx wallet mobile

Open Lynx wallet and follow these steps to check and claim EOS tokens.

EOS keyphrase

We do not recommend using this from a public computer/network.

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EOS VC is a business unit of Block.one that is committed to deploying funds through venture capital partnerships invested in the future development of blockchain technologies in the EOSIO ecosystem. EOS VC partner funds have assembled the most knowledgeable and capable advisors to mentor and provide strategic direction to portfolio companies around the world.

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